Monarda Companion Plants

Monarda Companion Plants. Mint, lemon balm and bee balm. Bergamot for companion planting with tomatoes.

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Monarda is native to eastern north america, so it is a hardy plant that grows quickly, does well in a variety of soils and is easy to care for. The leaves smell of lemon and oregano and are used in fish and meat dishes, desserts, wines, as well as teas. It’s a wonderful companion plant for the garden since it.

11 (30Cm) Each Way (Minimum) Rows:

While both are prone to mildew, they benefit from similar prevention strategies such as reduced summer fertilization. Chives is therefore a good companion plant to cultivate close to your raspberry. Mature plants can be divided.

A Fresh Border Idea With Monarda, Geranium And Phlox A Lovely Plant Combination For A Long Lasting Display.

Bee balm is a perfect cottage garden plant. In sunny sites try pairing monarda bradburiana with coreopsis tripteris, rudbeckia hirta, liatris spicata and sporobolus heterolepis. The flowers are red, large, and showy.

The Boldness Of Monarda Blooms Makes It Terrific For Massing Or As An Accent Plant.

It also helps to repel pests like moths, mosquitoes, bugs and keeps your plant healthy. Attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, it is native from arizona to florida and north to nebraska. Monarda didyma ‘jacob cline’ has similar appearance and culture.

Bee Balm Is Considered A Good Plant To Grow With Tomatoes, Improving Both Health And Flavor.

The monarda (bee balm) varieties we carry have excellent mildew resistance. Monarda make great companion plants for other pollinator friendly flowers and look great situated among ornamental grasses. Bee balm is also known as bergamot or monarda.

This Plant Was Used To Make Tea When The Real Thing Was Being Thrown Into Boston Harbor.

This is also a good companion plant for raspberries as it attracts pollinators to your plant. Plant in areas with good air circulation, grow powdery mildew resistant varieties and spray plants with serenade organic fungicide in early summer to thwart this disease. There is a wide range of associates including yellow coneflower, prairie dock, stiff goldenrod, whorled milkweed, yarrow, flowering spurge, big.

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