Mixed Monarda Plant

Mixed Monarda Plant. With aromatic foliage and flowers over a long period in summer, bergamots are ideal for any mixed or herbaceous summer border. Add me to the store mailing list.

Monarda Didyma 'T&M Superb Mixed' Seeds | Thompson & Morgan
Monarda Didyma 'T&M Superb Mixed' Seeds | Thompson & Morgan from www.thompson-morgan.com

These plants are a great addition to any type of garden. Easy to grow and an excellent bee plant. Didyma, also called scarlet bee balm, is one of the most popular.

This Foolproof Monarda Boasts Scented Flowers And Foliage, For A Dramatic Impact In The Garden.

The plant has a long flowering season, from early summer to early autumn, and blooms almost continuously if deadheaded periodically. The tea or tincture of the plant is delightfully tasty. It goes by many names, including scarlet monarda, oswego tea and bergamot, and sometimes it's spelled scarlet beebalm.

Attracts Butterflies And Hummingbirds, Fragrant, Deer Resistant, Good For Cutting, For A Rain Garden.

Bee balm, bergamot, oswego tea. Mint (lamiaceae) hardy to zones 3 to 10. They herald the arrival of midsummer and are extremely attractive to butterflies.

Hummingbirds Really Love The Big Blooms.

Monarda is a durable, showy garden performer and an interesting cut flower with stem lengths up to 60 cm. The flower stalk supports multiple florets of pale purple bee balm flowers stacked neatly in a conical form. Monarda didyma, ‘crimson beebalm’ monarda didyma.

A Special Mixture Of Red, Pink And Salmon Shades Make A Wonderful Addition To Any Garden.

Growing to a height of 60cm, they are ideal for planting in the summer border where the fragrance. Due to the short lived nature of the plant it is sometimes grown as an annual. Another native plant, spotted bee balm is a short lived perennial species which is very easy to grow.

It Provides Colorful Beauty, Potent Petals, And Leaves, And Provides A.

Didyma, also called scarlet bee balm, is one of the most popular. A tea from the spicy leaves of this plant is known as oswega tea and the petals are also edible in salads. Known to attract scores of butterflies and hummingbirds.

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