Plant Called Monarda

Plant Called Monarda. Monarda is also sometimes called bergamot. The new monarda was discovered by the inventor in 1995 in rijpwetering, the.

Bee Balm: How To Grow And Care For Monarda | Hgtv
Bee Balm: How To Grow And Care For Monarda | Hgtv from

Monarda refers to the entire large group of bee balm plants. Members of the mint family (lamiaceae), monarda didyma (bee balm) and monarda fistulosa (wild bergamot) are the most commonly cultivated of the 16 species native to north america. Monarda fistulosa, commonly called wild bergamot, is a native perennial that occurs in dryish soils on prairies, dry rocky woods and glade margins, unplanted fields and along roads and railroads.

They Have Coarsely Toothed Margins And Are Glabrous, With Reddish Veins.

Monarda didyma×monarda fistulosa menthaefolia, cv. Monarda (commonly called bee balm or bergamot) is a native american herb named after a spanish physician and botanist, n. Bergamot belongs to the mint family and has a pungent citrus like aroma and flavour.

Division Leaf Cutting Seed Country Or Region Of Origin:

The plant resins have been used to soothe bee stings. Bee balm (monarda spp), also called bergamot or horsemint, is native to the northeastern us. Monarda didyma, the crimson beebalm, scarlet beebalm, scarlet monarda, oswego tea, or bergamot, is an aromatic herb in the family lamiaceae, native to eastern north america from maine west to ontario and minnesota, and south to northern georgia.

Monarda Didyma, Known By A Number Of Different Common Names Including Bee Balm, Oswego Tea And Bergamot, Is Native To Eastern North America Where It Typically Occurs In Bottomlands, Thickets, Moist Woods And Along Streambanks From Maine To Minnesota South To Missouri And Georgia.

The green foliage of bee balm is also scented. Monarda fistulosa ‘claire grace’, otherwise called monarda ‘claire grace’ or claire grace bee balm is a herbaceous perennial that grows about 3 to 4 ft and spreads about 2 to 3 ft at full maturity. Its common names include bee balm, horse mint or bergamot.

The Oswego Indians Of New York State Also Used The Leaves For Tea.

Monarda is also sometimes called bergamot. Monarda ‘jacob kline’ (picture above) monarda, bergamot or ‘bees balm’ monarda ‘donner wolke’ and ‘jacob kline’ are two varieties of the plant that we commonly call bergamot or ‘bee balm’ that we grow. It also has a high tolerance to powdery mildew.

Plants May Form Large Colonies In Optimum Growing Conditions.

The bee balm plant is a north american native, thriving in woodland areas. Commonly called scarlet bee balm, monarda didyma is one of the stars of the summer garden. Monarda are beautiful bee friendly scented perennials that are a sight to be seen in their prime.

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