Monarda Punctata Plants For Sale

Monarda Punctata Plants For Sale. Monarda ‘jacob kline’ (picture above) monarda, bergamot or ‘bees balm’ monarda ‘donner wolke’ and ‘jacob kline’ are two varieties of the plant that we commonly call bergamot or ‘bee balm’ that we grow. Monarda punctata plants do have a high concentration of oils.

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It is easily distinguished from most monarda spp. The plant has pink bracts and creamy white to yellow flowers with purple spots. We grew these plants from seed two years ago and had beautiful first year blooms.

It Is Easily Distinguished From Most Monarda Spp.

Monarda punctata, or dotted mint, has been gaining in popularity in recent years, due to it's well deserved reputation as a pollinator magnet. Distinguished by its earlier bloom time, adaptability to drier soils, good disease resistance and speckled flower petals. Monarda didyma is an upright perennial that expands into colonies from vigorous rhizomes.

Attractive To A Multitude Of Pollinators, It Is A Favorite Source Of Nectar For The Rare Karner Blue Butterfly.

Order online from green seasons wholesale nursery in parrish, florida. Dotted mint (monarda punctata) commonly called: Dotted horsemint, monarda punctata, is a short lived native perennial that would be a wonderful addition to a native plant is quite a useful plant in that it has medicinal and culinary uses for humans, provides a lovely flowering plant in the.

Spotted Beebalm Has An Understated Beauty.

Leaf blades are deep green and heart. This is a native monarda you can easily have in bloom for spring sales. It is beautiful in a grouping or planted en masse.

Like All Bee Balm Species, It Has A Wonderful Minty/Oregeno Smell, Is.

I didn't take the time to research what the plants would look like so i was pleasantly. The species is considered to be a short lived perennial or biennial. Drawing a wide range of both native pollinators and pollinating predatory.

Thank You To American Beauties Native Plants For Use Of Their Photo.

Attracts butterflies and is also deer and drought resistant. Stems are pubescent, green and square with occasional branching. Monarda punctata, commonly called spotted beebalm, is a native herbaceous perennial to the eastern u.s.

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